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Since 2010, we have successfully represented some of the largest credit unions in the United States, navigating various complex matters. We operate with the understanding that you have a financial institution to run, and that the day to day concerns go well beyond the legal matters that arise. We possess an impressive hands-on knowledge base anchored by a depth of experience to take command of any situation so that you are at ease with your daily operations.
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Why Choose the Law Office of Jesse Melendrez?

Our law firm takes a unique approach to the demands of representing a Credit Union. We understand the values of member service, financial integrity and community development. We believe these are the values that make Credit Unions great.

As a member and former employee of a Credit Union, Jesse Melendrez appreciates and abides by the underlying philosophy that people and their community come first. The benefits that a Credit Union provides its Members is of utmost importance, and we are committed to implementing a streamlined experience when it comes to the legal matters.

Each legal need is met with the care and attention that it deserves. We know the best way to resolve a Credit Union’s unique legal challenges is to develop an understanding of your industry and relationships. Therefore, an integral part of our representation is to work closely with your institution in order to achieve the best results that are consistent with the tailored goals and principles.

Legal Representation

Since 2010, we have encountered a myriad of legal needs, large and small, that Credit Unions face. When you involve us in a case, we will assist in successfully resolving the matter as efficiently and favorably as possible. We focus on finding efficient, cost effective and conscientious results that best serve you and your institution.


We have successfully assisted our clients through countless issues. Below are common areas that we handled for our clients. Let us know how we can help you.

Credit Union Law

Credit Unions have unique needs, face unique challenges and are subject to unique laws. We understand these differences and can provide you with exceptional representation tailored to your Credit Union’s particular circumstances.

Fraud Prevention

We understand that a Credit Union exists for its members, but that sometimes it must take action to protect its assets for the greater good of its Membership. We can assert actions that prevent fraudulently procured debt from being evaded or discharged in bankruptcy.

Asset Recovery

Sometimes it is necessary to acquire property, real or personal, in order to recover on a loan. We can assist you with maximizing your legal remedies -- remedies that exist even where a Member has filed bankruptcy.
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